Decay Of Form: Through the use of iconic architecture and portrayals of the groups and cultures that support them (and vice versa) and the random creeping effects of rust, this work represents the decay of physical, cultural and organisational form. Medium: Hand inked etching from photopolymer plates printed on watercolour paper which is then rusted.


Homage: In this exposition of contemporary life on Sydney streets I present a homage to street photographers both past and present and to those who developed the photographic printing process. Developed as “Van Dyke Browns” and contact printed, these contemporary images evoke a romanticism and ambiance of days gone by.

Fairground Follies: This series, captured at the excellent Fairground Follies museum, reflects a nostalgic recollection of fairground rides, music machines and games from times past.

Monochrome Sydney: An on-going series of monochrome images capturing the power and majesty of various iconic Sydney buildings. In print form, the images are large (900mm x 600mm) and printed on fine art paper using archival inks.