About me

Hi and welcome,

I’m John Bardell and reside in Sydney, Australia. I have a long-standing passion for photography and devote much of my time shooting natural and urban landscapes and the people in them as well as anything else that catches my eye.

After many years of capturing digital images I find I am spending more and more time shooting on film and have recently installed my first darkroom. I have also started exploring historical print processess such as cyanotype and gum dichromate in addition to exploring photo-polymer printing. I find the ability to combine all these processes very exciting.

Regardless of the output medium, I see photography as a form of storytelling and by capturing moments as photographs and, perhaps re-interpreting and re-presentinting them as composite images, feel that one’s frame of reference for understanding all that is about us is widened. It’s also been been said that the meaning to what we see comes from our own life experiences. Therefore, anyone who sees a picture interprets it differently and, therefore, creates their own story around what has been captured.

Through my images I give my interpretation of moments that I have captured. Please view them and create your own stories!